Determining the amount of child support owed in a divorce is one of the most crucial components of the process when a married couple separates and gets a divorce. This is to guarantee the children’s financial support while the parents pursue other endeavors. While the parents can attempt to negotiate a child support agreement on their own, using the services of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney is frequently preferable for the family as a whole. Many attorneys in Beverly Hills are available to help with family law issues, such as child support and custody.

During some of the most trying times in life, the lawyers at Benefield Law – Family Law Trial Advocates P.C. are ferociously and fiercely committed to representing their clients. They support clients through difficult and taxing situations including as property divides, child custody conflicts, and same-sex divorces. They can also guarantee that the children’s requirements are satisfied and help with child support issues.

In collaboration with you, they can ascertain the right amount of child support based on state guidelines, as well as other elements including the number of children, the earnings of both spouses, and the share of custody that each parent has. A parent may also work with the court to amend an existing child support agreement if their circumstances change.

In Beverly Hills and the surrounding area, this firm helps people settle child custody disputes. They work hard to safeguard the rights and interests of all parties involved in the process and are dedicated to assisting parents in reaching a just arrangement on behalf of their children. This firm’s lawyers have a great deal of experience managing matters including property division, visitation rights, and child custody.

The Law Offices of Rocky Elkaddoum helps Los Angeles families that are having trouble with child support disputes by offering legal alternatives. They support clients in creating, adjusting, or ending child support responsibilities as well as helping them comprehend how the statewide guideline award for child support is determined. In addition, the team can help with prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, spousal support, and other family law concerns like domestic abuse.

There are stringent guidelines in California that must be adhered to when calculating child support obligations. Family courts will employ a formula that takes into account the number of children, the parents’ share of custody, and the total income of both parties to determine how much should be paid. But when the situation calls for it, the court is free to deviate from these rules. For instance, the court may decide to change the amount of child support payable if one of the parents has a physical condition that prevents them from working.

The lawyers at this business have collectively assisted couples in Beverly Hills with divorce procedures and associated matters, including as property distribution and child custody, for more than 40 years. They have handled hundreds of trials and are well-versed in the state’s divorce rules. In addition, they are capable of managing intricate and expensive divorces for well-known corporate leaders, performers, and other affluent individuals.

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